Meet the Organizers

Free Minds, Free People is organized by a large team of volunteers from across the country–teachers, students, activists, academics and parents.
(Check out our organizers from FMFP 2013 in Chicago!)

Aja D. Reynolds
Teachers for Social Justice
Chicago, IL
I am excited about FMFP, because we can celebrate our many victories to share in paving the way for justice in our schools and our communities, as well as, be inspired to keep fighting the good fight.
Alejandra Frausto
Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy
Chicago, IL
I am excited to see youth from all across the country stepping up as producers of liberatory knowledge and culture.
Alex Poeter
Education for Liberation Network
Boston, MA
FMFP is one of the most diverse and equitable movement building conference spaces the social justice community in this country has to offer.
Alexa LeBoeuf
Graduate Student
Providence, RI
I am thrilled by the amazing opportunity to head to Chicago and engage with activists, youth and educators from across the country!
Biba Fullon
Education for Liberation Network/Rosedale Achievement Center
New York, NY
FMFP is one of the most energizing and empowering conferences I've been to as an educator -always something I look forward to!
Bill Ayers
Chicago, IL
Free Minds/Free People is a community of dreamers and doers, educators and activists, parents and students gathered to make a movement and seize the moment.
Brian Ford
Montclair High School - Center for Social Justice and Big Picture Learning, New Jersey Teacher Activist Group
Montclair, NJ
I'm excited because events like FMFP are crucial to continuing to build the education justice movement to defeat the neoliberal assault on education.
Curtis Acosta
Tuscon High Magnet School
Tuscon, AZ
FMFP 2013 will not only be a space to share the amazing work folks from all over the country are doing in terms of equality and justice for marginalized and disenfranchised communities, but also a place for action with the addition of our Sunday assemblies.
Erica R. Meiners
Chicago, IL
Looking forward to learning from people working in communities for economic, racial and gender justice!
Hanny Jacoby
Chicago Freedom School
Chicago, IL
I'm excited to see our struggles for fair and just schools in a national context.
Heather Homonoff Woodley
City University of New York, CCNY & The Graduate Center
Bronx, NY
I'm excited for the unique opportunity at FMFP to have a conference with the energy, leadership, and insight of youth, and to learn from them.
Irene Ushomirsky
Peabody Terrace Children's Center
Boston, MA
Free Minds Free People 2013 is going to be a gathering of some of the most brilliant, motivated, and capable thinkers, movers and shakers in the country. I am proud to have bee part of the National Planning Committee and extremely excited to be in attendance!
Jamilyn Salonga Bailey
Teachers for Social Justice
Chicago, IL
Free Minds, Free People allows us to build community, possibilities, and action toward a more just and joyful education for all... I'm super excited to welcome folks from all over the country to Chicago!
Jennifer Juarez
University of Illinois at Chicago & Teachers for Social Justice
Chicago, IL
Chicago is home to many social movements that affect our people. Our history of protests, walk-outs, sit-ins, is deeply rooted in our social, cultural, political, and educational praxis. Hosting FMFP in Chicago will provide a space for people to continue a dialogue around being more intentional in our work practices and create this social justice blue print on how we want to read and write our own world. It is an exciting moment to be part of the transformation our society is going through and FMFP is one avenue to transform and keep our passion alive.
Keith Catone
Annenberg Institute for School Reform
Providence, RI
Being part of the Free Minds, Free People and Education for Liberation Network community has been one of the most invigorating and powerful experiences I've ever had! I can't wait for the energy and beauty that we'll all bring to Chicago!
Kesh Tiara Ross
Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce
Chicago, IL
This is a very exciting time in Education. We are in the process of revolutionizing and evolutionizing Education, by challenging the past and current structures that just don't work- not for our youth, the Teachers, the Parents, or our Communities. The collective voice is getting louder... we want balance and equality in our educational system(s)... and through venues such as Free Minds Free People- we shall be heard!
Leigh Patel
Boston College
Boston, MA
FMFP is a conference for connection across many populations and spaces - I love its energy that comes when we break out of our normal circles.
Marisa Chock
San Francisco, CA
I'm so excited to be part of the dialogue and community building at Free Minds, Free People in Chicago!
Megan Wells
Chicago, IL
I'm excited to participate in the upcoming Free Minds Free People gathering in Chicago because it's not only a space to explore new perspectives and possibilities in what teaching + learning can look like but FMFP is also building a larger movement towards education for liberation.
Njeri Parker
New York, NY
I am excited for Free Minds, Free People because this conference provides an unique opportunity for people from all facets of society to come together and share their ideas on ways to transform education to serve everyone. I am also very excited that FMFP is back in Chicago!
Patricia Krueger-Henney
University of Massachusetts Boston
Boston, MA
FMFP is a very unique gathering of cross-generational, critical, and committed educational organizers and social justice workers who build a space to collectively and radically re-imagining the purposes and practices of education.
Sowmya Sastri
Woodlawn Children's Promise Community
Chicago, IL
I'm excited to learn, grow, and challenge one another in the safe and critically necessary space FMFP has created for us!
Susan Wilcox
SEW Consulting, Education for Liberation Network Board Member
New York, NY
Five words: affirming, uplifting, enlightening, rejuvenating, fun.
Tanya Foster-DeMers
Chicago Teachers Union Black Teacher Caucus, TAF Educational LLC
Chicago, IL
When people unite with a common purpose all things are possible.
Tara Mack
Education for Liberation Network
Chicago, IL
I am excited to see youth from all across the country stepping up as producers of liberatory knowledge and culture.
Theodore Chao
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Cambridge, MA
It brings together all my heroes.
Woody Lajeune
Rudy Lozano Leadership Academy
Chicago, IL